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North Fork Design Co. is an interior design firm located in the coastal town of Marblehead, MA. We work on projects throughout the North East, including the greater Boston area, the North and South Shore and Cape Cod. We also take on a considerable number of projects in the North Fork area of Long Island NY.


You may be asking ‘where do I start?!’ As you begin to assemble a team for your project, it’s best to bring on a designer as early as possible! During the initial phases, we help define the scope of work and what the overall goals for the project are.  Through the various phases of the design process, we develop a firm sense of your unique aesthetic preferences, drawing on inspiration while maintaining a clear vision of your goals for the space. Our goal is to work collaboratively to hone in on a clients personal style so the end result is ultimately a reflection of them and how they hope to use the space.


Our approach for each project varies, as we take on projects that range in size from full scale renovations and new builds, to finish selections, full room furnishings and decor, window treatments, etc. We do work through a standard process for each project, and tailor it depending on the scope and specific project needs. We aspire to create updated, functional, and timeless spaces for our clients that can be enjoyed for years to come. Here’s a brief look into our process! 


After we've had a chance to meet you, see your space (or architectural plans), determine the scope of work, budget, etc. we dig in and start to pull together inspiration from a multitude of sources. Our work is always tailored to the individual client, however much of our design style has a clean and modernized aesthetic with furniture and finishes that will stand the test of time. We start by creating an inspiration board for each space, pull initial materials, and create a presentation so you can visualize the flow of spaces as they come together as a cohesive whole. This is a great tool to provide a visual representation of our initial thoughts, opening discussion to ensure we are headed in the right direction with what you are looking for.


Once we have our measurements and/or architectural plans we work through any changes to the footprint of a space, as well as the layouts of current spaces, considering the flow, use of space, and any other existing factors. We also work hand in hand with specialists in their field: architects, engineers, kitchen cabinetry specialists, carpenters, contractors, etc. At this time, we also consider furniture placement, built in designs, millwork details, lighting placement, window treatments, etc. We produce 2D floorplans and detailed elevations, as well as 3D perspectives to give you a more realistic view of the overall space. This phase is important, allowing us to refine the details and specifications of items as we produce detailed drawings for contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. to be able to place items on site and keep everything moving forward smoothly. 


One we have an approved space plan, we finalize specification of hard finishes and materials, as well as furniture selection. Everything from flooring, paint colors, cabinetry finishes, tile selection, countertops, electrical and plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, etc. is specified at this point. We present a combination of design boards, specification sheets, and physical material samples so our clients can make a well-informed decision for their final selections. 


After we've decided on all of the fun stuff, we put together comprehensive proposals for each space, collect a deposit, and start ordering. We have specific software to manage the many products and vendors we are ordering from. We diligently stay up to date on order status and tracking throughout the production process. We recommend streamlining the process by sending all items to a receiving and delivery company. 


Once everything has arrived and the home is ready for installations to begin, we schedule a delivery and installation day (or series of days) to get everything in place. We typically schedule window treatment installs prior to this, along with any other fixed items. On installation days, we come prepared to delegate where items are going, bring artwork, lamps, pillows, accessories, and all of the items that make it home! 

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